Monday, December 19, 2016

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

d e c e m b e r n o t e s

B R U S H ( E S )

In Kimora, Hiroshima prefecture
seek shodo brushes
tanuki, sheep, goat, the tail of a horse
there you will feather brushes to flush ink
turkey, ptarmigan. the sparrow's tail

hair falls
and flight
to sign
and copy
the paint out
write what's within
assisted by
man whose hands
made these


m u s i c (bokaro, wagakki)

a koto's sound is bigger
more resonant


end blown shakuhachi


E N O S H I M A     I S L A N D

there is here a training centre for esoteric Buddhism
Kukai's Shingon
(who perhaps remains suspended between life and death)

waiting for Maitreya

Enoshima-Daishi temple
continuously prays
led by Master Ekan
who  "accomplished previously untrodden
the Goma in which 1 million wooden sticks were burned"
by Master Gosen
his leading disciple
known as the "completer of
the incantation method of Kokomo Jumonji-ho"
that is
chanting mantras
1 million times over 100 days.

Ekan and Gosen conduct the Goma-ritual
"the desperate act"
or so called
by ordinary monks.

During the Goma-ritual,
one challenges the body and soul
in front of a flame over 3 meters high.

The Masters always hope that all peoples of the world
rest in peace
have wishes granted.