Saturday, August 6, 2016

All processes are out of my control. When one sees this with understanding, one is disillusioned with suffering.
20.279. Dhammapada

Will I lose everything?

It is the terror of uncertainty,
of doubt.

In the cool darkness of morning
I remember
everything was lost from the beginning.

Better to love the blinding light
the smell of cows and laundry
to savor bread
and singing
than to fill the mind
with hungry ghosts.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Wandering off, far and wide. Alone.
(3.37 Dhammapada)

Lizards swallowed a white horse.
There's a swallow as big as a bear in the cypress tree.

It's the light.
Magnifies, encourages optical misjudgements.

You can taste the bitter herbs in the olives here.

Nine times the bell strikes,
and the thin air flings further, wider than imagined.

The brutal blue sky!

f i r s t

I worked through midday exhaustion and came out into evening with them - words.
One following another.
Kurosawa cautioned work, work, word. Not to be afraid of something....what? Does it matter?
work, work, write.