Thursday, November 29, 2012

108 stone dreams

saw them
pieces of bodies
a tuft of hair
a fingernail or claw


and bodies


of seas bogs brooks



Traherne's century

tigress buddha

Completely other?
the same
this blood
this bone

a bit of cloth
instead of surrounding

Madonna and child

Completely other?
the same
2 mothers
their children

Completely other?
the same
sacrifice life
sacrifice death

Friday, November 16, 2012

uphill walker

We christened her uphill walker,
a stranger slight and determined
who, angling her body for struggle,
pushed forward on the level streets,
as if all inclined
up and away from her.

She had one, or two, leashed shih-tzus
trotting lion-like before her.

She wore heavy clothes,
a parka in late spring,
or a sweater in July,
carried a full backpack.

Her feet seemed tied to earth - she trudged.

I saw her years later,
2 days ago
in the goodwill store,
filling a cart
with the softest, cleanest,
oversized, stuffed animals
-rabbits bears dogs -
of unknown origin and breed.

Her face was older, weathered.
A man was with her, same ash hair and indistinct eyes,
a companion
that  never questioned
the animal horde growing in her basket.
I looked into their eyes,
both of them, at separate times -
blunted, closed.

Another cart held bulging backpacks, shopping bags.
Did I imagine one, or two, leashes
hanging limply there?

Dun huang Meditation

a dry place
dry as desert AlAin

the silk road slipped
into these caves

and out
arms flung
to touch the edge of sight

centuries of Mongol Muslims
and Ch'an wanderers
left hands in the sand and stone
hamsa, abhaya mudra
fearlessly entering otherness
would Wonhyo's  Uisang
have seen Tibet rising in the West?

Friday, November 9, 2012

the bridge

the bridge

being worked on

will be an open span
at times lifting its middle
high above the water
for larger boats
hungry for open sea or river berth

the earth
around the bridge is bare
as men
clear away an old idea
of what it is
to go from here to there 


Here home

I was pissed on
by it
this scorn for another

my sister says
it's every day for her

a deep distrust

between us


to rise or fall
108 times
four years
a lifetime

of choices