Wednesday, August 21, 2019

"One should not neglect one's own welfare for that of someone else, however great..."
Dhammapada 12.166

Monday, August 19, 2019

GozoCiné “奄美フィルム―ミホさん追悼 Amami Film: In Memory of Miho-san.” 2007, 14 minutes. Courtesy of Osiris. Special thanks to Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival. English subtitles: Mizuno Sachiko. © 2014 Yoshimasu Gozo.

The World: Even if previously careless, when one later stops being careless, such a person illuminates the world, like the moon breaking away from a cloud.
Dhammapada 13.172

The demolition of the Baldoni house began today. At seven in the morning, the crew arrived. First, they cut down the two pines that flanked the front door.  The air smelled of them all morning, better than the candle by the bed I burn these cool nights. More trees followed. 

The front door removed and, sledgehammers in hand, three men entered to battle plaster, wood, and metal.

Grim work, killing a house.

Later, after workers left for the day, I thought back on those who had lived in that old, honest house. First I recalled an aging Italian immigrant, landlord to a young couple. Childless, he left the house to them in his will.  That couple, the Baldonis, came from a family of local accordion makers. They raised children in that house, planted fine old red roses, and the twin front pines. Landlords then themselves, they let to a Vietnam vet, an amateur actor. Upstairs lived an assistant soccer coach and his lonely girlfriend, who departed separately. Then followed a long and blurry succession of engineering students, recent graduates, and office workers. Sold to its present owner, a bank, the house was vacant for a few years.

An old brick place I have called neighbor since moving here blinks once, twice.

Its doorless front entry now gapes, wide and toothless. Windows have been wrenched out for resale or refuse.  I am watching its decomposition over days.

It's a noisy process, this blinding, muting, gutting, shunting the domestic into the ground.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Evil: If a person does good, let them keep on doing it. Let them create an inclination to it.
The accumulation of good means happiness.
9.118 Dhammapada

Full sleep changes mornings.
I awake without an ache,
mind clear, hear, as always, birds.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

children play in a park,
a mouse runs for tall grass
empty nets
shrugged off by trees
these are moments from yesterday's class
Children share
their own ideas about
insects, frogs
listen, look, do,
few predictable

Monday, August 12, 2019

Navvies channel water, fletchers fashion arrows, and carpenters work on wood, but the wise disciple themselves.
Dhammapada 6.80

What I wish is this
that threads
don't lead
but weave.