Tuesday, December 11, 2018

d r e a m

   A woman is drunk. Under the sink cabinet, she hides gin
among the cleaning supplies. See? She is bleaching pain, scrubbing away 
desire. Not true. Rather, she is fueling her anger. Her husband is unfaithful.
He prefers planes,  motorcycles, the smoothing of stones, the brewing of 
beer and the breath of other women. All desire found or built but hers, 
moving through life, excite him.

   I leave her laying on the clean kitchen floor, bottled up, slowly
poisoning herself.


a delta of clay seeds
strung (wrapped)

Kikuji ware


inside pod shadows - earth

f i l m

s  u  t  r  a

w  a  t  e  r


p  o  e  t  r  y

p  a  p  e  r

black and white

the rain


the river

Junkyo Oishi

[Spring Orchid]

"Bloom as a youth,
Flourish as an adult,
mature and wither naturally
without regret."

Yone Ohashi
Geisha name Tsumakichi

Oishi Junkyo
"Mother of the Disabled"

14 March 1888 Osaka
Eldest daughter of working class
Chuzo and Iwa Ohishi
who owned Funai-zusi
(a sushi restaurant)

look to Bukkoin Temple in
Tamashinaku Kyoto
sub- temple of

Kaso-an, nearby,
has a museum about her


(copy of her memoir)
writing books
helping the handicapped

taught late to read and write

a bird uses its mouth to sustain itself

* Dt. Stuart Chandler ("The Pluralism Project")
is translating the memoirs of
Junkyo Ohashi
into English

He has written an book on Chinese Foguang.

Monday, November 26, 2018

no path this sky
no man outside

no thought
no thing

no round
no which

Saturday, November 24, 2018

sumi tsubo

Plumb string taut

Snap black.

Mark, cut.


A century on
it still smells of ink.

Insect drafted lines on insect eaten wood.

Made buildings .
They stood, fell.

Weft 's left -  one thread, two.

Well, that's the life of an ink line.